Large Spike In Cockroaches Invading Brisbane Homes

Large Spike In Cockroaches Invading Brisbane Homes

The Uninvited House Guest No One Wants

Large Spike In Cockroaches Invading Brisbane Homes

Cockroaches – nasty, creepy, and unsightly critters. We hate them, but there isn’t much we can do about them. Well, guess what? They are about to become even more of a problem for Brisbane homeowners.

Homeowners are being urged to call exterminators before the summer months hit to avoid the coming cockroach plague. This is logical enough since cockroaches thrive better in the summer. We’ll get there in a bit. In the meantime, let’s paint the picture for you.

Pest control workers have seen more than a 30% increase in requests to exterminate insects since the beginning of spring.

Cockroaches are a nuisance. More than this, they pose a serious health risk. There are also reports from homeowners that they are getting a lot more of an increase in having difficult times with cockroaches.

Australian Museum expert David Bock explained that humidity and warm weather have created the ideal breeding conditions for cockroaches.

Most times, they lay a lot of eggs, expecting most to die before adulthood. However, the coming conditions will allow them to mate more, produce more, and even reach maturity. As a result, Brisbane pest controllers are usually busy during this time of the year.

The combination of heat, rain and bush fires will set the stage for a massive cockroach invasion.

Heavy rainfall and flooding leave rubbish in the drainage systems. The pile attracts cockroaches and is enough food for the colony. Apart from this, bush fires chase the pests and force them to seek shelter in the drains and pipes of many homes since they need moisture to survive.

Cockroaches are omnivores. In other words, they will eat anything. Food sources, shelter, location, water, and landscaping are the common things that attract them to homes. Their favourite access points include cracks and gaps in doors and windows, holes in vents and pipes, and foreign items.

Rentokil sales member, Vanessa Au confided that they had been extremely busy in the past couple of weeks. Like a ripple effect, a boom in the cockroach population will increase the population of other pests like redback spiders and daddy long legs, whose dead bodies the roaches will consume.

Types Of Cockroaches

Types of Cockroaches

The main types of cockroaches found in Brisbane homes and offices are the American, Australian, and German cockroaches.

A female German cockroach lays around 50 eggs every six weeks, which takes only a month to hatch. Since they are experts at hibernating in holes and crevices, you won’t know they share your space with you until it is probably too late.

According to a pest company, “just because you don’t see cockroaches inside your home does not mean they are not inside.”

So why should you pay attention?

Stories of cockroaches nesting in human ears are becoming too common. One man ended up blowing up his house in a quest to get rid of cockroaches. On March 10, 2018, emergency services rushed to a home in Queensland Australia, after reports of an explosion.

The fire started when the man attempted to burn cockroaches in his kitchen with a flamethrower. Fortunately, no family member was harmed. This is just one of the many stories of homeowners that got frustrated with sharing their living space with the nasty critters.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches 

You may get rid of cockroaches by using the simple methods listed below:

  • Cockroaches are attracted to moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore, we recommend you wipe down surfaces and fix leaky pipes.
  • Use home remedies that won’t harm the environment or any other house occupant. The common ones are diatomaceous earth, baking soda, boric acid, borax, citrus, and essential oils.
  • Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide that damages their exoskeletons and dehydrates them to death.
  • Baking soda creates gasses in the cockroaches’ stomachs and causes them to burst. Since you probably have it in your pantry, you can pour it in places where you’ve noticed their activities.
  • Although boric acid is harmless to pets and people, it sticks to the legs and wings of cockroaches and acts on their nervous and digestive systems after ingestion, killing them rapidly.
  • Dust borax in places where you have noticed cockroaches, as it will dehydrate and kill them. They also hate the smell of lemons, and you can use essential oils as a natural repellent.
  • Sanitation is vital to keeping cockroaches out of your home. Therefore, wash dirty plates to remove food sources and always empty your rubbish. Apart from this, cover potential food sources and fix minor water leaks to reduce water sources and provide less reason to stay in your house.

Take Away

As mentioned earlier, now is the perfect time to call a pest control company. Why? Because it tops the list of ways to eliminate cockroaches. Don’t wait until the situation becomes unbearable and you need to burn your house down to save yourself.

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