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    Loseley Park has been my family’s home for five hundred years and three generations of us live here today – my parents, James and Susan, my wife, Sarah, and our children, Alexander, Katrina, and Tristram – not forgetting our beloved son, Christopher (1985 – 1997).

    Sir William More, one of my direct ancestors, built the House in 1562 at the request of Queen Elizabeth I. The House is a classic example of Elizabethan architecture, featuring many fine works of art including paintings, tapestries and panelling from Henry VIII’s Nonsuch Palace.

    You will find here a vibrant and modern business that, for more than 50 years, has been providing visitors with not only a wide range of facilities to suit all occasions but also the expertise for making their event that little bit more special.

    So for whatever reason you visit Loseley Park, my family and all the team would like to extend a warm welcome to you. We hope that you will enjoy your time here and will experience the very special atmosphere that is the hallmark of Loseley.


  • The Facts About Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

    The Facts About Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

    Learn About The Types of Allergens and Cleaning Methods

    If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, it is important to keep your carpets clean. Carpets can harbor a variety of allergens, including dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, and bacteria. These allergens can worsen allergy symptoms and lead to discomfort and other health issues. Regular carpet cleaning in Brisbane can help reduce the amount of allergens in your home. This leads to improved allergy symptoms and overall health.

  • Top 20 Pest Control Tips From the Pros

    Top 20 Pest Control Tips From the Pros

    Top tips from the pest control professionals

    Although spring and summer bring a promise of better weather, they also come with a less savory stipulation: pests. Whether they’re in your garden or in your home, as animals wake up for the warm seasons, some also wreak havoc on your property. Let’s go over 20 of the most common DIY pest control tips from the pros.

    Seal All Gaps

    The easiest way for pests to wander into your home is through gaps and cracks in your foundation or walls. Whenever you see a crack or a gap begin to form, you should gather the necessary tools and close the space from both sides. For foundational cracks, use concrete or caulk.

  • Large Spike In Cockroaches Invading Brisbane Homes

    Cockroaches Population Set To Explode

    Summertime Cockroach Infestations are Skyrocketing

    Large Spike In Cockroaches Invading Brisbane Homes

    Get ready, Australia: cockroach populations are set to explode across the country this summer. With hot, warm weather providing the perfect breeding conditions, experts are warning that a cockroach crisis could be on the horizon.

    Climate Change: A Major Factor

    According to climate experts, the warmer weather is being caused by climate change. Rising temperatures provide the ideal environment for cockroaches to thrive and reproduce. In fact, a study published in the journal Global Change Biology found that as temperatures increase, so do cockroach populations.

  • Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

    Is Home Roof Restoration Worth It?

    Is Restoring Your Roof Worth the Money?

    Is Home Roof Restoration Worth It?

    When it comes to maintaining your home, the roof is often overlooked. A well-maintained roof is vital for protecting your home and its inhabitants from the elements, so it’s essential to take care of any repairs or issues that arise. One option for taking care of your roof is restoration. But is it worth it? In this article, we’ll discuss what roof restoration is, why you might consider it, and whether it’s the best option for your home.

  • How To Plan A Budget Wedding For $10000

    How To Plan A Budget Wedding For $10000


    Years back, no one could believe that a $10000 will just be enough to plan a courteous and the most successful wedding!

    All this was forgotten when my greatest friend had a successful wedding with just the same amount. It’s true that a $10000 budget can really bring out the most coveted celebration that will really melt the hearts of your friends!

    This is the breakdown of the basic requirements that made the event successful.