How To Plan A Budget Wedding For $10000

How To Plan A Budget Wedding For $10000


Years back, no one could believe that a $10000 will just be enough to plan a courteous and the most successful wedding!

All this was forgotten when my greatest friend had a successful wedding with just the same amount. It’s true that a $10000 budget can really bring out the most coveted celebration that will really melt the hearts of your friends!

This is the breakdown of the basic requirements that made the event successful.

Place and Reception

The first thing that you must really put into consideration is the ceremony and the reception for your quest! How do you plan to entertain your friends? It’s possible that you might rent a place for the event.

Here you need to be sure to get the most elegant place that will serve all the purposes even a worship place!when this has been done, you might think of other entities such as the cakes.

You need to be aware that you are working under the stringent budgets and that’s why you need to limit all these events to us of not more than $4500.

Your catering for the quest, the rental place or rather the reception and also the fee that should be incurred during the procession must never exceed the amount above!

During the event, there must be a kind of recording! It’s your lifetime event and you really need to preserve the memories.

It should not be so costly, all this can be achieved just with a sum not exceeding $1000. you really won’t miss a photographer who will continually take the pay and get everything ready for you!


Plan a budget wedding that will really fit your style. you really need to be so precise with the wedding dress. wedding dresses come with different price tags and that’s why for this case you need to get the most elegant dress below $500.

You need to distribute the rest on the accessories such as the shoes the jewellery and the veil. everything that entails the jewellery and the accessories should really not cost more than $1100.

All this are enough to bring everything including the jewellery. you will even get some excesses which can serve to fix other issues!


A wedding is always harnessed by the beauty and decorations! you will really need some bridal flowers and more so for the decorations.

You need to consider a bridal bouquet that can be obtained at a price below $100 and also some other bouquets for the bridesmaids which should not exceed $200 since they could be more than 6!

You can really commit what is left for decorations and be sure to have a better wedding that will be celebrated even for decades! here the whole process should never exceed $1000.

Plan a budget wedding that will see all factors put in place!  Be keen lest you omit the relevant part of every wedding. entertainment is the must do list!

You might consider hiring a DJ.  A band, of course, could be so costly and that’s why to e smart means you get yourself a DJ who will give all the require


Entertainments to your quest. Be sure to hire self-sufficient DJ.  Don’t burden yourself with other budgets such as purchasing a speaker!

Your DJ should be an expert with an ability to really bring love moods and jitters to your quest during the event! your DJ should happily accept a price not more than $1000

Plan A Budget Wedding

Invitations and Gifts

The last bit while planning your wedding is the invitations and some gifts for your friends. you really need to be considerate here.

Spent less than $800. the invitations and thank you letters should not take a bigger part of your wedding just a small note for all attendances with little decorations of course to reduce the expenses.

Give your quest some small tokens though it won’t be a sin if you sent them home empty-handed after all they should be giving you gifts not you distributing!

Make it successful by your own style, don’t really strain yourself for things you can manage without them. you may just consider your parents and those big friends for the gifts but extend a big phrase thank you to the rest!

Lodging and Transportation

Finally, you will need a place after your wedding. you may incur transportation and lodging expenses but it should never go beyond a sum of $400.

You may be lucky if the place you rented offers free lodging services to the couple, that will only leave you with the transportations expenses.

It’s your own style wedding and you really need to have things done your way! don’t get compromised stick to the plan and for sure you will see the success that $10000 can bring!